The system "IT University" consists of an arbitrary set of functional subsystems of a centralized collection of information in a single database. Modularity allows the solution to build an optimal system architecture in accordance with the objectives of the university.

Software complex "IT University" consists of the following modules:

IT University: Multi-function card;
IT University: E-dean;
IT University: Accounting for payment of services supply;
IT University Library;
IT University: Access Control;
IT University: Information support the educational process.


The module "Multi-card of the student and the teacher" is an essential feature of IT solutions for schools. A multipurpose smart card can be used as a unique identifier of the student and teacher, as the right to receive benefits, debt in the library, etc., as a means of payment for cashless payment for goods and services at the university, as a means for storing confidential and public information about cardholder.


Elektr dekt

The module "E-dean" allows you to:

- Schedule of groups and the general graphic examinations and tests, graphics, security certificates and theses, individual schedules taking tests and examinations, graduation, dissertations, etc.
- Progress (rating points, interim controls and tests);
- Database of contacts of high school: phone, e-mail, address, etc.
- Support for access to the diverse reference data and the dean of the university;
- Reporting guidelines for high school parent organizations.

To facilitate the work of the teacher, the program has the possibility of using the application for a personal computer (PC) followed by data synchronization with the system.

With the application for the PC teacher can perform the following operations: view class schedules for teachers in the selected day, view lists of the selected group lesson, students in attendance to celebrate the selected occupation.



Module, "Accounting for payment of services and supplies" is intended to account for the payment for the food services in the university. Its main functions are:

- Maintain lists of students eligible for subsidized food services, etc.;
- Maintaining lists (directories, codifiers) preferential services;
- Formation and policy management of discounts;
- To raise awareness of the debt at discounted services;
- Issuance of checks carried out calculations;
- Accounting for granted preferential services;
- Formation and the provision of on-demand "e-menu";
- Maintenance of e-book reviews and suggestions.

The using of smart cards as payment takes into account discounts and / or power to create credit card holder. The subsystem is integrated with the cash register equipment, dining room, buffet or other catering establishments in the territory of the university.



The module "Library" is designed to automate the accounting library fund of the university, recruitment, organizing, categorizing, searching and return to the reader of literature. The main functions of the module include:

- Identification of library users;
- Literature search in the library;
- Information about new items and returns books to the library;
- Registration received and returned the books to the library;
- Can connect fee-based services (copying, printing to a printer);
- Allowance for use of the library collection, display a list of books that are "on their hands."

The library staff using the module "Library" are able to register the incoming edition copy of the publication fund, issuing books for the teacher or elder group, forming reporting documents as well as search and browse the readers books.




kontrol dostupa

The module "Access Control" is designed to automate and control access to the territory and premises of the university.

The system prevents access by unauthorized persons into the territory of the university, shared access rights for students and staff of institutions, and also allows you to organize the accounting of time spent within the walls of the school staff and visitors.

The functions of the "Access Control" includes:

- Monitoring of passage on campus and in the building of students, staff and visitors to educational institutions;
- Ensuring the issuance of new permits;
- Blocking of obsolete or lost passes;
- Preparation of applications and issuance of "guest" passes;
- Logging and report generation from visitors to protected sites;
- Creating and editing lists of persons having different access rights to different premises;
- Appointment and change of access rights by individuals and groups;
- Maintain registration and recording of movement on the map to track violations modes of access;
- The function of the ban again "entry without exit";
- Obtain information about state and disturbing events.




el library2

The module "Information support the educational process" is intended to provide access, creation and integration of information resources of the university.

It consists of two functional complexes: the portal system, and information kiosks.

Its main functions are:
- Publish and store the information you need on the web portal;
- Support for information requests and providing information;
- Authentication and authorization of access to information resources of the university;
- Integration with external information systems;
- Maintenance of common reference data;
- Provision of export / import data to / from external systems.

The portal is a web resource of high school, which, in addition to general information about the educational institution, maintains access to personal information, such as about the progress of the student's individual schedule, available on the introduction of the personal PIN code.