The automated system "Fitness" is intended for the organization of the fitness club, sports complex or recreation center.

This software has the following features:

• Registration information about customers - contact us, the state accounts photo, ticket, the history of visits;

• Monitoring and reporting services for their payment;

• Identify the types of payment;
• Consideration of additional services - bar, personal training, massage;
• Ability to pre-reserve services;
• Maintain records for the sale of tickets, attendance customers who work employees, cash and financial transactions;
• Set a limit system access rights;
• Import data into office applications.



Using magnetic card provides immediate personal identification and synchronized with the basic information. All discounts exist for a particular client, the program calculates itself for payment, specifying the account balance.

Customers can pre-book the classroom, guided by the schedule for the coaches, as well as sign up for individual or collective consultation. Customer cards can be used to pay for additional services, such as a bar or pool.

The program allows you analyze the statistics of the booked services for the calculation of profit. All work is recorded in the personnel system in the form of reports and graphs.