Software complex Ā«Smart MonitoringĀ» is designed to automate the bus fleet.

            The system is based on the use of a GPS receiver mounted on the vehicle to determine the coordinates and velocities of its motion. To send information to the control room and back -using the GSM module. To determine the amount of fuel in the tank - use a capacitive fuel sensor. To determine the number of passengers - passengers using an infrared sensor. To feedback to the driver - used GPS navigator with a monitor that displays a route with stops and time of arrival and messages from the dispatcher.


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            The system has the following features:


Control function of fuel consumption - monitoring the volume of gas stations and places, a comparison of mileage vehicles, show the driver and the real path to this software system.

Efficiency control the movement of transport - the screen displays the location of transport.

Control of the location - you can set geo-zones within which vehicles should be. When you leave for that part of the notification comes to e-mail or cell phone.

Simplification of the manager - the program takes the part of the operations.

Performance analysis - a comparison of the drivers for parameters such as idle time, the violation of discipline, the speed of flight, fuel consumption per 100 km.

            All the data of satellite monitoring software package is stored on the server. The owner of the fleet can access them from any computer or PDA with Internet access.

            Coordinates transport are retained even when the mobile no. All stored information is sent to the server when a GPRS-signal.



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