Polytechnic University of Turin
   on the work done by the introduction of multifunctional system
«IT University»

turin4     turin3In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 30.05. 2002 N UP-3080 "On further development of computerization and introduction of information and communication technologies", special attention is paid to support schools, actively introducing innovative educational programs. In this connection, the Turin Polytechnic University (official site in Tashkent and LLC «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» concluded an agreement to implement a multifunctional system for educational institutions "IT University", which is unique complex system that is easy to install, ease of use, versatility, flexibility and reliability.

    During the period of implementation of complex software «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» employees demonstrated high qualifications to competently and expeditiously resolve all production and technical issues. Were installed RFID readers, RFID enabled cards for students and staff, implemented all the subsystems and modules of the complex at the University.

rfid1    Currently, all students and staff of the University are individual smart cards that have photos, full name of the student and employee of the University. In the stream class rooms installed RFID readers with a reading distance of 10 m and in the active mode, the module is working, "Accounting and control visits to the students" teaching on the computer. So, with this module is associated schedule and a list of students who during this period will have a lesson. For participating students, and absent in real-time monitors not only the teacher, but Dean and Rector of the university, which receives data through the server.

    However, in the university library works module "Library" which designed to automate the accounting library fund of the university, much easier than the work of library staff. In our university library collection are expensive books in which are installed RFID and the database software system contains all the information about the book, year of publication, name of the author and other notes about the issue. It should be noted that the student's card is an electronic library card too. Library staff can register the card and issuing of books attached to the student book and the program automatically saves to the database name student and a book (when and who gets, the time of issuance and return of books). Moreover, the module has an alarm system, triggered when you try to unauthorized removal of books from the library, and for the territory of the university.

    Also, in the university runs the module, "Accounting and control of material resources", whose main purpose is to control the availability of inventory and fixed assets accounting for the effective management of property. In addition, consideration of material and technical resource for the university is carried out in a single electronic database. It should be noted that the using of the module significantly reduced the time to inventory and greatly reduce the possibility of errors.

    Moreover, the using of the subsystem "Electronic Dean" improved the quality and effectiveness of deans and academic department, as well as to more accurately assess the implications of certain decisions to improve the educational process. The module "E-dean" has been working in our high school on a separate terminal, and used by our students and teachers as a view class schedules, a list of groups of students, evaluation and examination timetable. The module can be placed, as well as see all the information in the context of getting from one month to one year the entire report, attendance and performance specific student. In the medium term, we plan to link the module with the web site of our university and to send all of the above information, which makes it possible to obtain information about your child for the parents of students.

The introduction of software system at the Turin Polytechnic University, gave the following benefits and advantages:

  • increasing the overall security of the educational institution due to suppression of unauthorized access to the university.
  • improving the quality of education by strengthening the discipline of students and teachers.
  • reduce the cost of providing security through an integrated approach.

    It should be emphasized that «IT University" is a powerful tool for building a wide range of types of reports on visits to buildings and individual rooms, which data can be used in management decisions. These reports include information on accounting-time faculty and staff, attendance of students, lists of offenders and other forms of treatment. In general, Multi-System "IT University" is different from other programs of its complexity, a set of subsystems having technical, information, software and operational compatibility.

    The next stage of our cooperation with OOO «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» and implementation of software system in our university will activate the module "Accounting for payment of services supply", designed to account for the payment for the supply in the university. Individual cards give students the opportunity to use them in the dining room or cafeteria of the university as a non-cash means of payment. The subsystem is integrated with the cash register equipment, dining room, buffet or other catering establishments in the territory of the university.

  Thus, all the work done at the Turin Polytechnic University meets technical requirements, the scheme, graphics work and complies with current regulations and guidance documents. Proper design, precise performance of construction works, maintenance of a high organization of work, interaction with the customer distinguish LLC «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» from other companies. Overall, the company «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» earned high marks for their work.

  Guide of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent thanks for the work and hopes for further mutually beneficial cooperation with «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS».

   First Vice-Rector

 K.A. Sharipov.

National University of Mirzo Ulugbek
on the work done by the introduction of a multifunctional system for higher education "IT University"


institut3   Today the training of highly qualified professionals is a priority in the policy the Republic of Uzbekistan and a prerequisite for the development of modern economics, technology and knowledge. In connection with the execution of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 07.07.2006, N NC-3771 "On the widespread introduction and development of information technologies in all spheres of life, ranging from education to create databases and digital libraries", between the National University. M.Ulugbek and OOO «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» was contracted to implement a multifunctional system for educational institutions "IT University".

It should be noted that this software package is the solution of such important targets as:

  • Managing the learning process;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Administrative and economic activities;
  • Monitor and control access to the territory and premises of the university;
  • Non-cash payments for goods and services and accounting services;
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of educational services;
  • The achievement of "transparency" learning management;
  • Control, accounting, receipt and issuance of the literature in the library, and many other features.

In addition, the following basic processes of the university, where the system is an indispensable tool for automation and control:

  • Managing the learning process;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Administrative and economic activities;
  • Monitor and control access to the territory and premises of the university;
  • Non-cash payments for goods and services and accounting services;
  • Control, accounting, receipt and issuance of the literature in the library, and many other features.

   In this connection, between our university and the company «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» developed a plan, scheme and timetable for the introduction of software system in our university, namely the Department of "Economics." School was held in assembly and installation of local area networks installed RFID readers, RFID cards prepared by the individual for the administration of the faculty, students, staff and guests of the university. Moreover, the modules have been activated "Access Control", "Accounting students attendance" and "E-dean.".

  The ability to integrate this software with other software and systems are already used in our department and high flexibility of the solution as a whole and its components, enabling them to adapt to the requirements of the Economic Faculty of the university has allowed not only to save funds, but the precious time of our employees.

  In general, the introduction of a multifunctional system for higher education "IT University" in our university allowed to increase the overall discipline of students and staff facilities, enabling managers to obtain the most accurate information about late or not arriving students and staff, as well as leaving the workplace during the day. The students in turn get their information about timetables, schedules, exams, and on estimates of performance.

  It should be noted that highly skilled personnel of the company «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» fulfilled the above work in the shortest possible time and with high quality and agreed to all the industrial-technical issues quickly and competently.

  Management of the National University M.Ulugbek thanks for the work of employees of the company «SMART NEW TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS» and recommend this software for implementation in other universities of the Republic.




"Press Coverage"


    Company «Smart New Technologies Systems» took part in the fourth Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects. Director of the company, Ramiz Ahmadaliev, was interviewed, resulting in a site about business in Uzbekistan - Kommersant. Ties in April of this year published an article "Innovation in the business - the work of young people." The publication marked the latest development «Smart New Technologies Systems» - software complex "IT University", in particular, the use of RFID technology in it. In the article CEO emphasizes that "for our region, this is very innovative solution and we are ready for what will arise in the implementation of some complexity. However, I am sure that in future the project will be widely distributed. "

     Address of a resource on the Internet:
On the site Kommersant. 09/19/2011 Uz, the article was published, "Ramiz Ahmadaliev:« RFID technology - the business of modern times. '" The article describes the most successful product of the company «Smart New Technologies Systems», the program «IT University». The program currently is operating at the
Polytechnic University of Turin and the National University of Mirzo Ulugbek.

     The main feature of the program are the cards and RFID-readers - devices that read information from the cards. Initially the program was written for educational institutions, namely to control canteens. Its basic concept is that students get a lunch, while in the process of paying the money automatically withdrawn from the deposit of their cards. Later, after some technical modifications, the cards have multiple functions, it is possible to use them as identifiers. Each card has its own antenna, and if you bring it to the reader, it reads the information and sends it to the server. Applied to the card design, pre-agreed with the customer. Initially, the company acquired the cards in China, is now planning to import it from Austria.
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