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 License № 005571

Registry № 005571-11

2010,  September 14

This permit is issued to a legal entity Smart New Technologies Systems.



Organizational and legal form: Limited Liability Company.(BPA) in 1152

Copyright: Founding. (FS) 142

Zip code at time of registration: Usman Nasir Street, 12(COATO) 1726287

Main activity: Software Development (IBAN) 14 333

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 207096044

Head of Department: A.Salihov.

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The State Patent Bureau
The official registration of software for electronic computers

 License № 02167

This permit is based on the law "On legal protection of software development and databases for electronic computing machines", adopted May 6, 1994 the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued a program called:
«IT University - a multipurpose program for educational institutions"
The computer program, designed for electronic computers.
Based on the requirements № DGU 20110023 from 28.02.2011 year.

The right holder (s): Limited Liability Company «Smart New Technologies Systems», Uz.

Authors: Sanjar Maksudov, Ramiz Ahmadaliev, Evgeniy Pak, Uz.
Registered in the State Register of the Republic of Uzbekistan
computer software from 28.03.2011 in the city of Tashkent
The director: B.Amonov


Agency on Intellectual Property
Republic of Uzbekistan
Certificate of official registration of software for electronic computers


This certificate is issued pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On legal protection of software for electronic computers and databases" on the following computer programs:

The software package "Smart monitoring"

Date of receipt of application: 08/26/2011
Application number: DGU 2011 0197
The right holder(s): Limited Liability Company "Smart New Technologies Systems", UZ
Author(s): Sanjar Maksudov, Ramiz Ahmadaliev, Evgeniy Pak, UZ
The director: A.Khodjaev