Our main business partners are the companies "RITM" (Russia) and "Marktrace" (China).



The company "RITM" - is a leading developer and manufacturer of monitoring systems for estate property, vehicles, housing services, and technologically-dangerous objects.

Its principal activities are:


1. Designing and production of estate property monitoring systems «Contact» 
The system is designed to provide security of distant estate property objects of any complexity equipped or unequipped with communication lines. 


2Designing and production of mobile objects satellite monitoring system «Voyager»
The system includes vehicle monitoring and people monitoring. Vehicle satellite monitoring system is designed to provide monitoring and protection of vehicle fleet.

Designing and writing software for «Contact» and «Voyager» systems 

The company Ritm being a manufacturer of monitoring systems also independently designs software to operate this equipment.

The company "RITM" is a supplier of passenger traffic sensors, and a set of equipment necessary for the protection and monitoring of motor vehicles "Voyager-2" for the program
«SMART Monitoring».


Official website of the company.






The company «Marktrace» is one of the largest enterprises in China the fastest growing in the field of innovative technologies.

Predominant direction of the company are the using of RFID technology and the production of the device.

The main products include the RFID-tags, magnetic card readers. This equipment is used in control systems and access control, baggage handling, in medicine, transport and warehouse logistics systems in the localization of objects in real time. This allows you to receive information about an object, its position, properties and qualities.

The company «Marktrace» manufactures equipment for the program complex «IT University."

Official website of the company.