Warehousing optimizes the business processes of the goods in warehouses and determines the rules of the organization of storage facilities. When transporting the goods is necessary to solve several important problems for which solutions have to spend a huge amount of resources.
Today, many companies are faced with challenges to reduce costs, simplify inventory, automate business processes.
We are developing a universal solution that could cope with the tasks of any complexity - software "Smart Logistics".

The system is based on the use of radio frequency automatic identification of objects (RFID), which allows for optimization of inbound and outbound logistics.
The program will track the location and security of cargo, thanks to the label RFID, via satellite.




Advantages of the "Smart Logistics":

- Speed and accuracy of inventory;
- Exclusion of human error;
- The minimum time required to search for the goods;
- Automatic collection of information about incoming and outgoing shipments;
- The absolute protection of confidential information;
- The use of modern equipment
(RFID-tags, handheld scanners, readers);